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The question of "when should I replace my roofing insulation" seems to be frequently asked. Nevertheless, if you're confused as to whether or not it's time to replace your roofing insulation, you shouldn’t worry anymore.

In this article, we'll take you through how long roofing insulation lasts, when to replace it and how to choose the right insulation to replace the old one with.

How Long Does Roofing Insulation Last?

Roofing insulation is built to last for a long period (many decades). Before installing insulation in your new home, ensure you check the product warranty to see how long the product will last. Most modern roofing insulation has a warranty of around 50 to 70 years.

However, if you only moved to an existing apartment, you most likely do not know when the insulation was installed. You'll need to take the first step to check if the home has roofing insulation and what condition it is in. Also, look out for the warning signs that your insulation needs replacing.

How Long Should Roofing Insulation Last?

It's advisable to always check your roofing insulation at least after every 10 years since standard insulation may begin to deteriorate by that time. As the insulation gets older, there are chances that it may absorb gaps and there may be air leakages.

Also, you may notice a destabilization in indoor temperatures and an increase in electricity bills. All these are signs that it's time to replace your roofing insulation.

Even though we suggest that you check your insulation every 10 years for older homes, the insulation in the market today is manufactured and designed to last the whole lifetime of your home. For instance, Bradford insulation has over a 70-year product performance warranty while Knauf Earth wool insulation has a 50-year warranty.

How Often Do You Need To Replace Insulation?

The best time to replace your roofing is when it is no longer efficiently doing what it is supposed to do. Some warning signs that it's time to replace your insulation are:

The R-Value and quality of the insulation that you buy also affect its longevity. So, when you're buying insulation, check the product warranty to ensure that you won't get a bad return on your investment.

Anyway, if your home has quality insulation but you need a higher R-value for more enhanced thermal performance, we recommend topping up. But, if it is wet or shows signs of mold, remove the insulation, repair the air gaps and leaks, and install the new roofing insulation batt.


Your takeaway point should be that if you're wondering how long roofing insulation lasts, check the product warranty. At Astoria Roofing, we offer expert roofing services for new and existing homes.

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