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Flat roofs add a modern touch to any structure and offer a myriad of benefits, including easy installation, space utilization and lots more. However, one of the advantages of flat roofing systems that homeowners can harness in an attempt to cut down the cost of running a home is its energy efficiency.

Flat roofs are generally more energy-efficient than most sloped roofs, thereby impacting the energy consumption of a building positively. With the help of a seasoned roofing contractor, there are a few proven techniques that make a flat roof more energy-efficient to help reduce energy bills. These techniques include;

Proper insulation maintains the temperature inside your building, and one of the ways to ensure your roofing system is well-insulated is by installing continuous insulation across the entire flat roof surface. This reduces heat transfer by creating a more efficient thermal barrier in materials that are good conductors of heat. With the help of an experienced roofing contractor you can install an appropriate amount of continuous insulation with minimal efforts.

When selecting roofing materials, ensure you opt for those with high R (resistance to heat flow) values and exceptional thermal resistance.

One of the most energy-efficient categories of flat roof materials is single-ply membranes like the EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Tapered insulation is a cost-effective way to not only improve your roof's thermal performance but also ensure adequate drainage. It involves installing insulation panels–typically made from polyisocyanurate–with varying thicknesses to achieve improved sloped and minimize thermal bridging.

An experienced roofing contractor will help you determine the ideal amount of tapered insulation to install.

Adequate attic ventilation plays vital roles in your home, from preserving your roofing system to ensuring the family breathes good air to reducing energy consumption. A poorly-ventilated attic will bolster heat buildup during the summer and moisture/ice dam formation during winter, which will damage your roof and also result in increased energy bills. Hire a professional to inspect your attic regularly and make necessary repairs to ensure it gets sufficient ventilation.

As always, regular roof maintenance crowns it all up. The secret to obtaining the best possible outcomes in all that pertains to your roof is to have an experienced and dedicated roof contractor who inspects and maintains your roof regularly. With this, you can maintain adequate insulation, identify and address any problems with your attic ventilation, and spot any other potential issues early enough to avert severe damage.


Implementing these techniques during installation or repairs will significantly improve insulation, energy efficiency and create a more comfortable and sustainable environment inside your building. To achieve the best results, you should consider hiring reputable roofing professionals like Astoria Roofing.

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