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One of the common problems that have been attached to flat roofs over the years is ponding water. Which is also known as ponding water or standing water.

Due to the inability of a flat roof to drain water, it uses drainage systems, gutters, and drainage lines. In an actual sense, it's normal for a flat roof to have some water especially after heavy rain or during winter. But where the problem lies is when the water stays on your roof for over 48 hours.

Normally, no matter the precipitation, rain, or snow, all signs of water should have left your roof after 48 hours. Now, if by any chance, there is water remaining after 48 hours, then you are dealing with pooling water.

Your next call to action is how to fix it, which is why we believe you are here. Pooling water might not be a major problem at first, but with time, it can expand to become a great problem you might not be able to handle. This is the reason you should solve it while it is small.

Pooling water can lead to cracks and leaks on your roof. It can also serve as a magnifying glass for ultraviolet rays, which causes more damage to your roof.

So, how can you fix your roof when you encounter pooling water?

Fix The Drainage System And Gutters

This is not much surprising though, because for water to drain from your roof, it has to go through the drainage system or gutters. So, if water is not flowing, there is something wrong with the drainage system.

You can fix the drainage system by removing leaves, dirt, debris, etc. Debris looks little at first but can lead to mold, which can block your gutters completely.

Also, there might be a disconnection in the gutters, that is, a break inflow. Which is not allowing the water to flow freely. You can employ an expert or you solve it yourself.

Create A New Draining System

If you cannot solve your current draining system, then you need to create a new draining system. One of the best ways to do this is by creating draining lines on your roof, this allows the water to move in different directions. This is an effective way to fix the ponding water problem on your flat roof.

Replace The Membrane Of Your Roof 

You can solve ponding problems by replacing the membrane of your roof. Although this is an expensive measure, it helps to solve ponding problems and also expand the life of your roof. This should be done by a roofing professional so you won't have similar issues in a few years to come.

Repatch Your Roof

This is arguably the most expensive measure you can take. Your first roof's pitch might be too low for your drainage system. So, you can repatch your roof so ponding water will not resurface.

Except for the cleaning of gutters, others are complicated measures; therefore, you need to contact your local roofer to help you with it. For guidance, quote, and more information, you can contact us at Astoria Roofing, 29-16 30th Ave Astoria, NY 11102, [email protected], 718-285-6273

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