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Common Flat Roofing Problems

If you own a flat roof, you're probably aware of its benefits, which include cost-effectiveness, convenience, and safety. However, you may be unaware of the maintenance issues peculiar to flat roofs, as well as the problems that might arise if regular inspections and repairs are not performed. If you observe any of these flat roof concerns, contact a professional roofer to examine, repair, or replace the roof. Flat roof problems include;


Because there is no slope, leaves, branches, and other debris can readily accumulate on a flat roof and clog drainage. Furthermore, a large unkempt mound of leaves traps moisture that can freeze, thaw, and refreeze throughout the winter. This cycle will cause mayhem on the roof below.


Yes, "alligatoring" is a true name for a flat roof that has begun to crack and bubble, like alligator skin. Sun exposure over time is usually the source of this problem and you can't completely turn off the sun. If left ignored, an alligatored flat roof can cause more fractures, leaks within the property, and full roofing system failure.

Ponded Water

Most flat roofs aren't completely flat; they have just enough pitch (or slope) to allow water to drain. However, there is little room for mistakes. If the flat roof is damaged in any way (more on that later), or if ice dams form on it, water can begin to collect in small ponds, leading to more significant problems such as systemic leaks within the home, moss and algae development, and more damage to the roofing system.


Roofs must be resistant to the elements, particularly wind. Even if a shingle or two is blown off a traditional roof, the rest of the shingles are engineered to retain in all but the worst windy situations. Because flat roofs are made of a single sheet of material, a little wind damage can quickly transform into a lot of wind damage with a few more gusts.


Over time, houses settle and move. As a result, the roofing membrane between a home and the roofing material deteriorates. Because the membrane of a flat roof is one continuous sheet, the movement might cause it to buckle. A sloppy flat roof installation can also contribute to buckling, leading to worse difficulties and potentially a roof replacement sooner rather than later.


A leaky flat roof can be caused by ponding water, alligatoring, buckling, or the natural elements. However, leaks can occur even in the absence of these concerns. Damaged flashing, for example, can cause leaks on both a flat and a sloping roof.

Shorter Lifespan

A flat roof should endure at least 15 years and maybe up to 30 years after competent installation. That is a far shorter lifespan than an asphalt shingle roof and even less time than cedar and metal roofs.

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